Roaring Twenties Inspired Headpiece

This headpiece was created for a Roaring Twenties Graduation Party. The client’s dress was used as a starting point for the design, following the garment’s lead with a focus on geometric shapes and a high contrast colour scheme.

The headpiece’s structure was based on similar ‘party’ styles from the era. The white fabric pleats are reminiscent of the shape of skirts and dress styles from the 1920s and pop against the black organic 'feathers'. These ‘feathers’ were created from abstractly shaped netting, their traditionally softer forms becoming more modernised and structured.

The edges are woven with wire and glass beads to make them posable, allowing the design to be more demure or dramatic depending on the client’s choice. The striking design is finished off with a simple elastic band and vintage brooch.



Fabric, netting, wire, glass beads, elastic and vintage brooch


November 2018






  • Responding to a brief

  • Product Development and Construction